Saturday, December 8, 2018

Spats:Our destiny is in our hands

Inter Luciano Spaleti, coach of Inter Milan, will demand from his players a high concentration in tomorrow`s match against Tottenham from the group stage of the Champions League. Experienced admirer admitted he had studied the spurs well, boasting the work of manager Maurizio Pocetino. Spalets pointed out the right attitude that Inter players should have in order to get something out of their visit to Wembley. The Italian Grand Prix only needs a point to continue in the next phase of the tournament.

`For a long time, Inter fans expected us to play these champions league matches We are able to play a good game against each opponent Tottenham is a very strong team and is brilliantly prepared both tactically and technically I saw what Maurizio saidTottenham will try to win the next two matches in order to qualify, but it may happen the opposite, and on the pitch you can see the handwriting of Pocetino, `said Spaleti.

`I`ve seen Inter play psychologically, everybody has a desire for training and matches, and Inter is all the champions, which is the winning mentality. ` Wembley is a great stadium, but we are accustomed to the San Siro setting. let`s see if we are the real Inter The Champions League has teams that have already reached the maximum of their development In principle European club according soccer livescore tournaments are based on direct clashes Tomorrow we must accept the match with Tottenham as a meeting on which our destiny depends. to take andExcess risks. Continuing the next phase should be having. The players have to think that way, `added the coach. `I was looking at the match between Tottenham and Chelsea, but I do not think Tottenham has cheated Chelsea, it is true that Tottenham entered the match better, and Sarri`s footballers did a lot of balls. ` Tottenham is physically well prepare d and knows how toIf you can take advantage of their weaknesses, you can achieve much more than what Chelsea did. `Tottenham is currently in very good shape and is very good at preparing for his teams, ` the coach ofInter.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cozens is convinced he will have less technical than Green

Demarkz Kazons has never been able to control his emotions, and that has always been entirely in his minus since he joined the NBA. For a total of 535 matches as a professional, he has 118 technical failures and over 50 disqualifications, and now that he is part of the Golden State, he believes he will be more relaxed than another Warriors-Dreadmind Greene. For 467 games, Green has only 62 technical, but has maintained a good pace in the last four seasons, averaging 13. 5 per season. The tandem will be closely watched by the League`s judges in the new season, and before the start of the new season, he is convinced he will have fewer technical defects than his new teammate. Today, the rules regarding technical violations are much stricter than the past. Once a player reaches 16 technical in a season, he is penalized by one match analyzed by links to basketball tips for every two sub sequent fouls. The players` penalty increases with every subsequent technical one, starting from $ 1, 000 for the first and reaching $ 5, 000 at 16.

Carl Malone is historically the No. 1 on technical misconduct for his entire career. The postman has a total of 332, followed by Charles Barkley with 329, Rashid Wallace with 317, Gary Payton with 250 and Dennis Rodman with 212.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Olsen`s transfer to Roma delighted a modest Swedish team

Robin Olsen`s transfer from Danish FC Copenhagen to Roma gave an unexpected boost to the modest Bungeflo team, where the national goalkeeper of Sweden rediscovers his love for the game. The Amateur Club, which competes in the eighth level of Swedish football, usually has serious financial difficulties, but thanks to Olsen they received a huge profit of about 60, 000 euros, which is already in their bank account. As one of the clubs where Olsen plays between 12 and 23 years old, they are entitled to the so-called solidarity payments under FIFA rules after Olsen was sold to Roma for 8, 5 million euros, whichcan reach up to 12 million depending on its performance. Five per cent of the transfer money will be taken from FC Copenhagen and distributed among the clubs where Olsen was like a teenager, including Bunkeflo. `Not bad for a club via contacts with football picks that uses a combination of cheap membership cards, local sponsors, and sales of hot dogs and coffees in home games to raise funds. `A great deal like this could contribute to security and flexibility!', the club President told Reuters. `I wanted to find happiness and joy again - all my friends, my close friends, played here in Bunkeflo, it was important for me to regain my happiness.`, Olsen told Reuters. Four years later he played for Malmo FF in the Champions League before moving to PAOK and then to FC Copenhagen.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bordeaux is near the playoff in the Europa League after a turn in Ukraine

Bordeaux`s team is very close to the Europa League playoffs after having won a 3:1 victory as the guest of the Ukrainian Illichivets (Mariupol). The French team had to make a reversal, but now they can look a little more relaxed at the back of their own field. Elijachi took an early lead in the game adviced by cricket betting rules with Mishnyov`s goal in the 7th minute. Then in one center the ball was not cleared well and Mishnyov sent it to the door for 1:0. But Bordeaux made a quick twist in the middle of the first half with two hits of Gaetan Labard. First, in the 33rd minute, the attacker received a great pass from Francois Camano with one touch and directed the ball into the net for 1:1. Then in the 37th minute the ball was returned to Ilichivetz goalkeeper, who lost himself and failed to process it well, and Labrad was smart enough to run and score close to 1:2.

In the 49th minute, the hosts again mistakenly defeated the ball, girdles took off and organized a rapid counterattack, Aurelien Tchouameni received a nice pass with a heel and with a precise shot in the near corner formed the final 1:3. So Bordeaux has more than a good tournament lead and is unlikely to make a turn in a field where the Ukrainians will have to score three `clean` goals in order to move forward.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Utah cope with the Lakers and enjoy playoffs, the Lakers have left hopes for the next year

Utah won as a guest against Los Angeles Lakers with 112:97 points and qualified for the NBA playoffs. The Lakers will not play again in the playoffs, which has become a tradition of recent seasons. Donovan Mitchell scored 28 points for Utah, which added 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Joe Ingles added 22 points and 10 assists, and Jae Crowder finished 18 points. Josh Hart was the best scorer for the Lakers with 25 points. Tyler Ennis stayed 22 points and 6 rebounds. Toronto beat Orlando with 112:101. Jay Miles scored 22 points, and Toronto players made 17 triplets in the match. Anunobu added 21 record points for the season, and Miles tweaked five threes. Atlanta won against Boston with 112:106 after 33 points on Taurean Prince. Klay Thompson achieved 34 points in the Golden Stage against Phoenix with 117:100. Indiana defeated Charlotte with 123:117, and Memphis beat the visiting Detroit with 130:117.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Roberto Mancini: 'I`m not a magician!'

Italy`s coach Roberto Mancini said he was not a magician and needed time to rebuild the team that failed to qualify for world football finals for the first time in six decades. Italy comes out at a control meeting against Saudi Arabia on Monday in Switzerland. Manchini admitted that Italy can no longer boast of the wealth of talent it is accustomed to, but is confident that it can make the most of what it has. I`m not a magician, not a coach, it`s not. We`ll need time, one, two or five games will not be enough, there was a time when we had an amazing abundance of players, but now it`s not. but I believe in those players who are in the team right now, by voting in confidence, they can become great and give a lot to the national team!`, Mancini said. `Many of them have not played in European club by soccer picks record tournaments, but it`s going to be a pretty hard job, but the national team has always made players better over time. ` Sometimes victories come when we do not expect them!', commented the national team's coach.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Southgate: 'This is a lineup that can be excited!'

The England manager Gareth Southgate is of the opinion that the squad he is selecting for the forthcoming World Cup in Russia is well balanced and has a tremendous amount of energy. Today the specialist announced a group of 23 players and five reserves, implying that his team is quite young and inexperienced. `I believe that this is a team we can excite about, the group is young, but it includes some very important experienced players, I feel that the balance is good, the team has a lot of energy and athletics, but the players feel so comfortable in controlling the ball and I think people can see the style we are trying to develop The selection process has been running for months and not only in recent weeks The first call to Trent Alexander-Arnold is totally deserved, when we bet on a young gameand it`s not because of their age and because they have earned it with his performance!', said Southgate.