Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Livescore Barca - Real Madrid are threatened with another postponement

Playing the big game prediction by fixed football contacts of Spanish football Barcelona - Real Madrid has again been called into question because of protests. The meeting is scheduled for December 18 (Wednesday) at 9:00 pm at Camp Nou.

The derby has once been postponed since October 26 because of the widespread discontent of the people of Barcelona over the convictions of activists fighting to secede Catalonia from Spain.

Earlier today, the Democratic tsunami of the separatist movement announced a new protest to be held on the day of the meeting in the Barca Stadium area. The group in question is organizing protest rallies and trying to gather and mobilize people in different strategic places and its purpose is to make the demonstrations effective and to become popular outside Spain.

The plan is on December 18th to show people in four locations around Camp Nou, all starting 4 hours before the meeting. The movement claims that at least 18, 000 people will participate, but other people are likely to join. All this puts the Barcelona police to the test.

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

livescore In Bayern, they want to keep Flick

The Bayern (Munich) interim coach Hansi Flick will remain in office at least until Christmas. This was announced by the Executive Director of the Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Club at the annual general meeting of the German Grand. Flick took the helm of the Bavarian Grand Prix after the dismissal of Niko Kovac, who was assisted. The 54-year-old specialist made his debut with Olympiacos (2:0) in the Champions League, and a few days later led Bayern to a resounding 4:0 win over Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga derby.

'After the match prediction by spain rankings with Borussia Dortmund and Hasan Salihamidzic we have publicly stated that Flick remains the coach of the team until the next decision and that they do not ask us questions on the subject every week, we explain that the next decision means at least until the winter break. Hansi can continue his work after that. I say it abso utely seriously, we trust him completely!',  Rummenigge said.

So far, Flick has been at the helm of Victoria (Bamental) and Hoffenheim, and after that he was an assistant in the German national team for 8 years. He is considered an excellent tactician.

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

live result soccer An unprecedented defeat! Leicester rewrote the history of the Premier League!

Lester has done something unprecedented in the history of elite English football! The Foxes beat Southhampton 9-0 and leveled Manchester United`s record for the most devastating Major League era. Today`s result is an absolute record for the biggest victory on a foreign pitch in the English football elite. The top achievement so far was again the Red Devils - 8-1 against Nottingham Forest.

Brandon Rodgers` team literally scoffed at its pitiful rival, who played less than 80 minutes with Ryan Bertrand`s red card in the 11th minute, seconds after the first goal.

Agios Perez and Jamie Vardy scored three times in the door of Angus Gunn, who alone prevented the result from being double-digit. Ben Chillwell, Yuri Tillemans and James Madison signed on once. The Foxes are now second in the standings, ahead of Manchester City before the rest of the 10th round games. Southampton are ranked 18th and have not won since mid-September.

Both ma nagers had no major staffing problems and bet on the lineups they made in the matches from argentina rankings of the previous round. Ralph Hashenhull launched the top of the attack Danny Ings, backed by James Ward-Prime and Nathan Redmond. Leicester also acted in the front line with Jamie Vardy, with Agios Perez and Harvey Barnes assisting on both flanks. There was heavy rain over St. Mary`s, and goals were raining at Southampton`s door. The Saints certainly did not imagine such a beginning at their worst nightmares. In the middle of the first half, they were already losing by 0-3 and were down less than Ryan Bertrand`s red card.

The turning point came as early as the 11th minute. The visitors developed a nice attack, with Chillwell keenly focusing on Barnes, but Angus Gun rescued. However, the home keeper did not stand a chance at the addition of Chillwell, who firs t came to the ball and sent it into the net.

After the goal, referee Andre Mariner showed that he would want VAR intervention and some of Southampton`s fans thought the hit could be canceled, but instead the referee picked up Bertrand`s red card. The decision was completely correct, because in the germ of the head attack the defender of the `Saints` entered brutally in the foot of Agios Perez.

In the 18th minute, Leicester doubled their lead, with Chillwell at the back of the goal. The left back probed and looked for a combination with Harvey Barnes. Jan Valerie, who made it comfortable for Tillemans, got in the way of the ball, and the Belgian signed for the third time this season.

Immediately after the center the home team lost the ball and a new attack by Leicester followed with a goal. Agios Perez exchanged passes with Tillemans, stepped into the penalty area and fired Angus Gun, and some of Southampton`s fans headed to the s tadium exits.

With less people and with this result, the hosts had the sole purpose of preventing degrading defeat. In the middle of the half they made two shots at Kasper Schmeichel`s door, but without making it difficult. However, the situation for Leicester was much greater, and Ben Chillwell did what he wanted with the protection of the `Saints. `In the 35th minute after a pass from English national Barnes st live result soccer - more details and information: live result soccer

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tony Nadal criticized novelty in the rules of tennis

Rafael Nadal`s uncle and his longtime mentor, Tony Nadal, spoke sharply against the ATP`s decision to put a clock on the court to detect compliance with the rule for 25 seconds before serving. 'We recall that this introduction will be used in the US Open series that officially kicked off this week with the Atlanta tournament as well as the last season`s Grand Slam tournament in New York.'

'I think this is a bad decision, Tony Nadal is categorical. I think the 25-second is right for the less intelligent. If you think it`s better to have 24 shooes than 2, then you need more time (to recover from the game via tennis predictions and prepare for serving). But if you want a match you do not think is OK then!', said Tony Nadal, 57, quoted by Express.

Since the start of the year, Tony Nadal has not been traveling with Rafael on tournaments, but he`s still maintaining warm relationships.

'It was special, all these years, to be with him in Australia, New York, Paris. Now my relationship with him is like a uncle, not a coach. When he conquers his congratulations, when he lost a match tell him something different!', added Tony Nadal.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

PSG or PSV? Who first will lose a point?

Since the beginning of the French championship have already been 11 rounds, and Paris Saint-Germain still has no lost point, with the goal difference of the capitalists being bombastic - 39:6. Sunday night PSG recorded a valuable 2-0 win as a guest on Marseille and took one of his worst games. The next two meetings of Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and friends however, are quite curious. Also in the next round, Tomas Touchel`s players are well-received and ranked second in Lille. And if the 13th round is not going to be at least a bit fatal for the Parisians - then PSG will be visiting Monaco. They are tragically presented this season and occupy the penultimate the 19th place in the standings but have recently appointed Thierry Henry as a senior coach and hope to go up as soon as possible.

There is no other team with similar performance in other European Top 5 Championships. By the 100% success rate of the PSG, the Italian Grand Prix Juventus, who is unbeatable at the top of the Serie A rankings, is the closest match. Cristiano Ronaldo and the company have 9 wins and only one draw after the first 10 rounds, only surprisingly losing points at home in round 9 against Genoa (1:1). There is, however, another team that has a victory after victory and no missing point yet. This is PSV Eindhoven, which is 10 out of 10 in the Dutch Championship. Although not at the level of the Top 5 championships, Eredivisie is one of the most popular and serious club via bestsportpredictions championships on the Old Continent. PSV crash from the start of the season and has a goal difference of 38:4. The team has already defeated big rival Ajax with a 3-0 winner last month, and Feyenoord in the beginning of December and eventually the (14th round) leader could lose his first points in the Netherlands this season.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Mourinho 'bites' Casillas

Real Madrid`s legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas said in an interview he regrets that he did not confront Jose Mourinho at the time when they both worked together for Santiago Bernabeu. Interviewed by the former Argentinian national Jorge Valdano, the 37-year-old Casillas says he regrets that he has been silent and, if he could go back, would have 'caught the bull for the horns' and confronted the Portuguese specialist. Between Casillas and Mourinho there was a conflict, and in 2015 the world champion and two-time European champion with Spain switched to Porto after Carlo Ancelotti finally lost his lead in the team of Los Blancos. But Mourinho does not see things the same way, commenting on Casillas's statement, saying the goalkeeper actually confronted him, but he did it in a covert and serene way. 'When he tells me that he has never confronted me, he does not tell the truth!', Mourinho commented at the Portuguese edition of Record. 'He confronts me and does it in a way that no one else could do better!', added the current manager of Manchester United. 'That looks like an interview with a man who is at the end of his career!', said Mourinho.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

This is likely to be the biggest season in the history of Premier League

After the season`s premiere in Premier League, there is a positive tendency for many goals to fall in the matches according soccer livescore of the English elite. So the current campaign may be the most successful in the history of the Premier League ever since it was formed in 1992/93.
So far 190 games have been played during the season, with 542 hits or an average of 2, 85 at a match. Thus, the average performance currently exceeds that of the current leader in this regard - the 2011/12 campaign, which saw 1066 goals or 2, 81 per match. Follows 2016/17, 2010/11 and 2012/13, which have 2, 80 hits in a match.

The most goalscorer match ever since this season is the Tottenham 6:2 victory at Everton`s 18th round. The current Manchester City champion twice achieved a 6-1 win against Huddersfield and Southampton, with `citizens` contributing the most to the high score with 51 goa ls scored. The most prominent players are Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with 13 hits, followed by Liverpool and Tottenham - Mohamed Salah and Harry Kаne, who have 12 goals. Fulham has the most goals - 43, of all 190 games only 13 of them finished 0:0.