Monday, November 12, 2018

Cozens is convinced he will have less technical than Green

Demarkz Kazons has never been able to control his emotions, and that has always been entirely in his minus since he joined the NBA. For a total of 535 matches as a professional, he has 118 technical failures and over 50 disqualifications, and now that he is part of the Golden State, he believes he will be more relaxed than another Warriors-Dreadmind Greene. For 467 games, Green has only 62 technical, but has maintained a good pace in the last four seasons, averaging 13. 5 per season. The tandem will be closely watched by the League`s judges in the new season, and before the start of the new season, he is convinced he will have fewer technical defects than his new teammate. Today, the rules regarding technical violations are much stricter than the past. Once a player reaches 16 technical in a season, he is penalized by one match analyzed by links to basketball tips for every two sub sequent fouls. The players` penalty increases with every subsequent technical one, starting from $ 1, 000 for the first and reaching $ 5, 000 at 16.

Carl Malone is historically the No. 1 on technical misconduct for his entire career. The postman has a total of 332, followed by Charles Barkley with 329, Rashid Wallace with 317, Gary Payton with 250 and Dennis Rodman with 212.