Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Varane: 'We will look for the victory against Juventus!'

The Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane spoke before the rematch of the 1/4-finals of the Champions League against Juventus. The defender expressed his confidence that the opponent would play for victory until the last minute. The hosts will not be able to count on defending their captain Sergio Ramos and injured Nacho. A partner of Varan will be the 21-year-old Jesus Vallejo or Casemiro.

`Juventus will be attacking with a lot of effort and we expect a heavy meeting with a team that will fight to the last, we will not play for 0:0, it`s not our style, we will do our best to win again. We know very well Juventus` strength, this is the Champions League and we are confronted by an almost perfect opponent who has not come here by chance, and he will press, he will not give us a minute to rest, the duel will be extremely difficult!`, Varane began.

'Gonzalo Higuain is an excellent football player, and he has problems for every defender, and he always has to be on the alert, and he is constantly striving for the enemy door. ` Canluigi Buffon is a legend, not just football, he is a great man. will be the last European match from soccer livescore in his career, it seems that he still enjoys great football enjoyment, and we are honored to play against such a footballer and such a person, and I do not know who will partner me in the center of defense.', said the defender of today`s press conference.

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