Friday, February 9, 2018

Jackpot for Jimmy G, San Francisco made $ 137, 500, 000

Jimmy Garoppolo became the best paid player in the history of NFL. Quarterback of San Francisco signed a five-year contract worth $ 137. 5 million, of which $ 74 million are guaranteed. The average salary per season is matched by Matthew Staffford`s contract last summer, but Detroit`s playmaker remains No. 1 on a guaranteed sum -$ 92 million
Garopolo came to San Francisco in late October when he was swapped from New England against the right to choose in the second round of the scrap this year. The East Illinois product led the top three to five consecutive wins, but they did not get the team from the last place in the NFC West. But he brought him $ 19, 642, 857, 14 for each touchdown pass with the team of five-time champions.
A large part of the amount will be paid in the first three seasons. The idea is to have free resources in 2021 when a new collective labor agreement comes into force. In the same year, the TV rights contracts will be re-signed, whic h is expected to inflate the salary ceiling seriously.
Otherwise, Garoppolo is planning to remain a record-holder for a few weeks. Within a month and a half, there must be clarity on the new contract of Kirk Cousins, which in the franchise tag will work over $ 34 million in 2018. Aaron Rodgers is also expected to sign a new multi-million-dollar agreement in the summer.

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