Thursday, October 26, 2017

Real Madrid took Fernando Torres with two penalties

Real Madrid has begun with a victory as the third-placed Fujinlabrada guest in the King`s Cup tournament. The Royal Club had a 2-0 draw in the first 1 / 16th final according sport news of the race, and the two goals fell from penalties scored by Marco Asencio and Lucas Vasquez. The first penalty was awarded for a violation that began outside the penalty area and the second penalty left the hosts with a lesser person after the reserve Paco Candela received a red card. At the very end of the game, Hesyu Vayeho of Real was also evicted. The match is played at the Fernando Torres stadium in the Madrid suburb. The legend of Atletico Madrid was born in Fuenlabrada and is the most famous local resident.

Real are ambitious this season to triumph in the tournament, winning only twice in the last 24 years. By comparison, in this period, the Madrid Grand Prix became 8 times Cham pion of Spain and 6 times raised the Cup in the Champions League.

Expectedly, Zinedine Zidane gave a rest to almost all of his stars. The royal club`s attack was led by Marco Asencio and Borha Mayoral. Lucas Vasquez, Danny Sebayos, Marcos Iorrete and Theo Hernandez were in the middle of the field and Kiko Cassia stood at the door. A pair of central defenders were Jesus Vayeho and Nacho Fernandez.

The most famous name in Fuenlabrada was the 38-year-old former defender of Getafe Kata Dias. The team of senior coach Antonio Calderon is on the third level of Spanish football and takes second place in Group 1 of Segunda B with 7 wins of 10 games and only one loss. On his way to the 1/16-finals of King Fuenlabrada`s Cup, the low-caliber Merida and Calahorra were eliminated. Despite the renowned rival, 2500 spectators were in the stands at the stadium. The beginning was calm and without any danger to the doors. Real dominated the possession o f the ball, but often confused in building their attacks. The hosts compensated the gap in the class with a lot of desire and managed to hold the players of Real. A Fuenlabrada player made the first accurate shot, and it was Miguel Atienza, but Kiko Cassia was careful. The guests definitely acted very slow, and by the middle of the half-time they did not create anything interesting on the offensive. In the 25th minute, Sebayos`s distant strike was blocked, but in general the `white` continued to be very inert and did not manage to get into a shooting position. As soon as Zidane`s players approached, Zidane`s players stepped up and in the 44th minute Yorente fired hard but goalkeeper Jordi Kodina touched the ball and she pulled off the crossbar. The start of the second part also did not offer the expected massive pressure on Real, and Asencio and Borha Mayoral still did not get good passes. Logically, with the progress of time in the hosts, there is a lot of fatigue, a nd this is obvious. At the 61st minute Ashraf fired at speed and was detained by Fran Garcia around the border of the penalty area. Referee Iglesias Vayanueva immediately pointed to the white point and Marco Asencio realized the penalty, but the TV shows showed that the offense was outside the penalty area.

After a goal for the symbolic guests it became much easier. In the 80th minute?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cristiano is again number 1 in the world

Real Madrid`s leader Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed the FIFA The Best prize for the second time, given to the best player for the year 2017. The Portuguese beat the competition of Lionel Messi and Neymar and received the prize from the hands of Phenomenon Ronaldo, Diego Maradona and Canni Infantino. CR7 became the European champion for the second consecutive time with Real Madrid and again was the leading figure in the White. Ronaldo also triumphed with the title of Spain as well as the Super Cup of Europe and Spain. Number 7 came to the London ceremony with his great son Cristiano Jr. and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. `I thank my family, their children, their teammates, their fans, the talent without hard work is nothing, ` he said after taking the prize.

The Netherlands has been rewarding the women`s football awards after winning the European title in 2017.

Leyke Martens has been awarded the world`s best footballer. She scored three goal s at Euro 2017, including the final, and was selected as a tournament adviced by netherlands rankings player. Martens, who went to Barcelona in the summer, also won the UEFA number one prize in the season. The Dutch singer Sarrina Wigman was chosen as the best among women`s coaches. The two winners were unable to attend the London ceremony, as they had a world-class match on Wednesday, but they shot a special video in which they thanked for the recognition.


Good News for Juventus

Good news in Juventus. Two of the injured major players return to the JPA game on Wednesday. These are Claudio Marchisio and Mattia De Sciglio, who until recently had been injured but were already ready to play. But the match will be missed by striker Mario Mandzukic who is punished after receiving a red card in the Udinese match analyzed by partners of live scores (6: 2) at the weekend.

Juventus Group: Buffon, Pinsolio, Shscis, De Sciglio, Chilliani, Sandro, Barzagli, Rougini, Liechtenstein, Pjanic, Khedira, Marchisio, Asamoa, Bentankour, Quadrado, Higuain, Dybala, Costa, Bernardeschi.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Angie beat Arsenal (Tula) in a 5-goal drama

The teams of Angie and Arsenal (Tula) have played one of the most exciting games since the start of the season in Russia. The hosts made a 3: 2 lead and broke their 5-game series without a win. The duel went through several reversals, and Arsenal may regret not leaving at least with a point from Caspian.

Miral Samardzic, Arsen Hubulov, and Ayaz Guliev were right for Angie, and the guests signed Sergei Tkachov and Luka Djordjevic.

Mikhail Aleksandrov continues to heal a trauma and again does not play for guests who in the previous round shook Zenith in the middle of St. Petersburg, and before that, another of the teams with claims - Krasnodar. Angie was last in the game before today, but in some games predicted by russia rankings it hinted at its potential. The Mahakkila team was close to defeating Zenit and Spartak (Moscow), but in the last few minutes it missed the victory. The meeting starts with the pressure of the hosts and a deep press in the opposing half. After a series of corner kicks, Arsenal`s defense was wrong and allowed Samardzic to find the result. The Slovenian is placed on the nearby beam and deflected Arsene Hubulov, and Vladimir Gubulov could not save. Immediately after the goal Aleksandru Burcheanu made a big mistake, but Gubulov paralyzed the strike of Ivan Markelov. In the 19th minute Sergey Tkachov tried an interesting shot after being forgotten by Angie, but the ball went out. The guests gradually mastered the initiative, and in the middle of the half-time Luka Djordjevic fired dangerously with his head, but Giorgi Lorija was careful. A little later, Melilla Sunzuu was injured and was replaced by Gia Grigalava. In the 40th minute the guests deservedly leveled thanks to Tkachov, who took possession of Kiril Kombarov`s pass and left Loria chances. During the second half the events developed l ightning. In the 47th minute Maxim Belayev pushed into the penalty area Prudnikov and Hubulov turned the penalty shot into goal. There were a few leaks from the hosts, but in the 64th minute, Ayaz Guuliev scored 3: 1 after an unsuccessful attempt at artificial ambush. However, Arsenal`s players did not intend to surrender, and Luka Djordjevic`s head shot down on the attack. In the middle of the second part, the game subsided for a few minutes, but at the end it became interesting again. Maxim Belayev had the opportunity to rehabilitate for the penalty shootout, but he fired the shot. Angie was looking for a fourth goal with quick shots, and in one of them Guliev shuffled dangerously, but Gubulov stepped in. The Tuyla coach, Miodrag Bozovic, also threw his last trump card by releasing two more strikers - Igor Shevchenko and Federico Rasic. The center of Angi`s penal field followed one after another, but the defenders in the green did not shake and the team made a thir d victory over the season. Angie is still at the bottom of the 12-point standings, as there is SKA-Khabarovsk to Ventsislav Hristov. Arsenal is the 10th with 17 points. The same asset has Rostov and Ahmat.





Sunday, October 22, 2017

Athletic Bilbao is good luck

Athletic Bilbao`s team continues with their desperate performance in the League of Europe, and today was totally outraged at their visit to Ostersund. However, the lions reached a 2: 2 draw after a late goal of Inyaki Williams (89). Basques have just two points in three games. Ostersund is the first with 7.

In the first half the hosts played harder, had more goals, but the Basques withdrew. The Swedes missed three very good opportunities to hit. Meanwhile, guests from San Mamas scored after a stupid mistake by goalkeeper Keita. In the 14th minute Inigo Cordoba pressed the guard, took the ball and Aritz Adouris scored on an empty door. After the break, luck turned. In the 52nd minute, Jagi Ereinn was fatally mistaken, dropping the ball, and Gero leveled. The 64th Nordic team also scored a second goal through Edwards after a right side 2: 1. In the 80`s Ereline rescued after a long shot. Sixth later Markel Susaetta made a pass. Minutes before the end of regular time, Inyaki Williams made 2: 2 after Susa`s great raid. STATISTICS FROM THE MATCH


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Benitez at Everton`s head?

A surprise candidate may be at the top of Ronald Cumman`s list of potential deputies if Everton decides to give up his services. This is Rafael Benitez, who led the city`s rival Liverpool to two Champions League finals, and is currently heading to Newcastle. Dutchman Kumman made one of the biggest selections in the Premier League this summer, but the team`s results by football friends are desperate and the Liverpool blue team is 17th and only two points from the relegation zone. Today, Everton stays at Brighton at 3:30 pm and only a victory will keep Cuman at his post before Lyon`s Ligue League match on Thursday and Arsenal`s next weekend.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bayern with information on the injury of Javi Martinez

Javier Martinez`s trauma to the shoulder is not as serious, and there are no indications that his recovery will last for a long time. After a thorough review from Bayern Munich they revealed that the Spaniard had injured his shoulder during the fight against Freiburg (5: 0) from the Bundesliga. This happened seconds before the third goal, with the exact result from spain rankings of the Basque single-shot lead to the attack completed by Thiago Alcantara.

Operational intervention is not foreseen, as Martinez will be treated by an alternative method.

Today, Javi appeared smiling during the restoration work of the Bavarians but did not take part in it.

The injury comes at a time when the new old coach, Jupp Heynckes, had serious plans for the Spanish national. The coach said he was returning the player to the midfield because he was much more useful to the team than his defense position, which was used by Josep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Heynckes`s second training is already injured

The Bayern Munich`s title midfielder Arturo Vidal departed with today`s training for the team.The medical headquarters reported that there is nothing serious, but just a slight muscle problem in the left thigh.There is no information, however, whether he will be able to be used in the upcoming fight against Saturday against Freiburg.This was only the second occupation of the Bavarians under the leadership of the returning Jupp Heynckes.Vidal, in principle, should no longer be in Munich, but after receiving a penalty for Chile`s last qualification, the coach urged him to go home earlier than planned.

Today`s training was also attended by other players who have been involved in the matches from brazil standings of their teams - Mats Hummels, Thomas Muller, and Robert Lewandowski.