Friday, February 26, 2016

Klopp with a secret plan for a final against City

The Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has a top secret plan for victory in the final of the League Cup against Manchester City. The German did not reveal his strategy for the big game at Wembley and in his words, it will be quite different from the loud victory with 4:1 at Etihad in November last year.
Klopp only gave that his players will show on the field how much they want to win the trophy.
`We will play completely different. I`m not here to say what tactics will be in the final. Yet in Manchester we have TVs.`, said Klopp on the eve of the big clash. `You can be sure that we have a plan.`
`You don`t have to go out with the same attitude of that one game, it`s been a long time since then and City developed as a game. You will surely see these players how much they want to win the trophy/`, the German commented at the press conference before the match.
Klopp has a dilemma about the team of the battle against City, because a lot of the recently injured players are online and can play in the final.
`Since I`ve been here a couple of times we had problems because of the many injured, but we`ve never had a problem because you have many players. The selection of the squad for Sunday will be the hardest thing I`ve ever done here so far.`, said the manager.
Today, Lalana, Allen and Dejan Lovren reiterated their workouts and will be available for the match predicted by 11livegoal on Sunday. In the infirmary, the long-term injured Joe Gomez and Danny Ings will remain.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Mueller: `I had offers from England, but many clubs there were lagging behind.`

The world champion with Germany Thomas Mueller revealed that he had serious offers from England, but in the end he chose to sign a new contract with Bayern Munich.
According to Mueller, the English Premier League clubs are lagging seriously in sports technical aspect of European grandees, and that affected his decision.
The name of the player was connected with a transfer to Manchester United, but Mueller in December ended the speculation by signing a new contract with the team of the `Allianz Arena`.
`Yes, he had offers from other clubs. If we look at things in a controversial aspect, however, Bayern was among the three best teams in Europe after Barcelona and Real Madrid.`, commented Mueller.
`The English teams have a lot of money, but it remains to be seen whether they can return to the top. The decision has signed a new contract with Bayern Munich was very easy viewed from a football point of view.`, said the German international.
Mueller has had 22 goals in 30 matches analyzed by 11livegoal for Bayern this season.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Florenzi will fight against Florenzi

The universal flanking footballer Alessandro Florenzi from Roma will most likely be the person who will be full-scale protection of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid`s match from livescore on tomorrow night.
There is no doubt the Portuguese superstar in the Spanish Grand will be one of the greatest threats to the door of Wojciech Szczesny, so the coach of the Romans Luciano Spalletti plans to put against him, the local favorite who recently suffered notable criticism from the fans. This will not interfere with the coach, if he chooses to undertake Florenci with one of the most responsible tasks tonight at the Olimpico.
`Ronaldo is one of the best in the world and he shows it on the field. You can always prove to be a decisive importance on the game, because he is a modern footballer: powerful, physical presence, speed, goals. I`m not going to build a cage around it, as journalists have suggested.`, said Spalletti.
`I`m not going to protect him with three people, I`ll just say the people in that area to strive to be on the same level with Ronaldo. If that`s Florenzi? Maybe he is. That moves him on the ground mean that there are others who can fulfill this role. Having said that, it is clear to everyone that whoever stood against Ronaldo, you will need to have the speed. This is the first quality, indispensable for the protection of the player of his caliber.`, added Spalletti.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Benzema continues to be a culprit in blackmail

The French Prosecutor`s Office did not remove the charges in extortion against Real Madrid attacker Karim Benzema.
Although the judge in the case made the request to the Prosecutor`s Office to stop the prosecution of the soccer player of Real Madrid, this is still not done.
Benzema continues to be in charge of extortion and blackmail, and from a legal point of view he is a suspect.
The attacker`s lawyers are trying to settle the case as quickly as possible, but they themselves are cautious in their expectations.
At the end of December last year, Karim Benzema gave testimony on this plot against Olympique Lyonnais player Mathieu Valbuena, who is seeking a ransom to be released a sex tape with his participation. Benzema is one of nine defendants.
The Real Madrid footballer determined his role as mediator between the extortionists and the victim as a big misunderstanding.
If the judicial ban on Benzema is removed, he will be able to share a dressing room with Valbuena and this will allow the breeder Didier Deschamps to use the two football players in the national team of France.
However, this does not mean that Karim Benzema will not remain on trial.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Mr. Bee gave up his investment in Milan

The Thai entrepreneur Teachaubol gave up his investment in Milan. The continuous misfires in the negotiations and the settlement fallout deter businessman and now the President of the team, Silvio Berlusconi will have to cover losses.
Mr. Bee at the end of last year reached a principled agreement on 48 percent of shares in the club, as it would have cost him nearly 500 million euros. Prior to this agreement to become a fact, however, the Thai businessman wanted to take a controlling interest (51 percent) but met rejection from Berlusconi`s family firm.
He made a compromise and agreed to step down, but the continuous Stonewall of the subsequent negotiations for the officialising the deal was the last straw for his patience.
The holding company Fininvest, through which Berlusconi owns AC Milan, had losses of 94 million euros for the year 2015 and for that reason, he is not going to invest in the club mentioned by livescore for more than 50 million euros this year. Given the spectacular investments in the summer, that had to be covered by Mr. bee, now sets out even more severe consequences for the Italian Grand.
It seems almost incredible a new investor to inject funds like the Thai. In front of Silvio Berlusconi remains no other option except to cover the negative financial result.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Chelsea offered Cuadrado to Barca and three more teams

Chelsea has started to look for a new team of Juan Cuadrado, who seems that will not remain in Juventus after the end of the current season.
The Bianconeri are not willing to pay to Chelsea 22 million for the Colombian footballer. The Italian grand is ready to give 15 million euros for him, but not a cent more.
Cuadrado has had 24 appearances for the `old lady` since the beginning of the season, as in 13 of them started as a holder.
In the summer of last year, Juventus draw Cuadrado as a rental from Chelsea for the amount of 1.5 million euros with an option to buy the player rights entirely for 22 million euros.
The other three clubs by football tips that Chelsea has offered to Cuadrado are Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Milan.
Chelsea paid 33 million euros to Fiorentina during the winter of last year, to attract Cuadrado.