Friday, November 27, 2015

Xavi: 'Messi is the best and he is getting better.`

The former player of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, once again spoke highly about Lionel Messi, having identified it as the best player in the world. According to the legend of the Catalans, the Argentinian continues to improve and becomes even better.
Messi commemorated his first start for Barca after a knee injury with two goals in Roma`s door in the 6:1 defeat in the Champions League. Xavi and he won a total of 24 trophies together in the most successful period in the history of 'Blaugranas`.
'The career of Messi is just incredible.`, said the 35-year-old Xavi, who is currently playing for the Qatari Al-Sad and at the same time, is an ambassador for Adidas.
'He keeps getting better and better. Since the beginning of his career at the age of 17-18 years, he strove to be better after every season. It`s amazing how he managed to achieve it even now. For me he is the best footballer in history.`, concluded Xavi.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Grealish was removed from the first team of Aston Villa

The young Aston Villa star Jack Grealish was removed from the first team and was sent to train with the youth. The reason for the decision of the manager is the behavior of the 20-year Irishman who was shot at a party in a nightclub just hours after heavy defeat with 0:4 by Everton.
It is unclear, however, how much time he will spend that Birmingham`s finest striker in the youth team as possible for it to be back in the squad for the upcoming hosting Watford. Aston Villa is situated firmly in last place in the standings in the Premier League with only five points from 13 games, as the team recording his only victory in the first round in August. This is not the first such violation of Grealish, who, during his vacation in Tenerife was filmed collapsed on the street.
Last season, Grealish was with the main credit for the classification of Aston Villa for the final in the tournament via soccer livescore for the Cup of England. A little later he refused the offer to join the national team of Ireland, as he hopes to get the call-up from Roy Hodgson for the national team of England.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gareth Bale: `I am completely ready for the derby with Barca.`

Gareth Bale is expecting the another edition of El Classico. In front of the Spanish media, he said that he had already recovered fully from his injury and was very ambitious for the upcoming derby with Barcelona.
`I was outside the country nearly 6 weeks for that reason, I haven`t had a chance to get more involved in the meetings. However at the moment I feel good and I`m fully prepared for the upcoming clash with Barcelona that are the two biggest clubs in Spain. The huge rivalry dates back to the years, always fighting with them for trophies in the Primera, in the Champions League and other tournaments. When these two teams play, a certain tension on the pitch rises, making the fights and so exciting.`, said the Real Madrid player.
In Saturday`s clash at the Santiago Bernabeu the fans of `White ballet` will be hoping the Welsh to repeat his performance from the King`s Cup finals in 2014. Then Bale became the hero for his team, once he realized the awesome shot in the door of Barcelona for the final predicted by football predictions 2:1. `This goal is one of my favorites in my career and certainly will remain for a long time in my mind.`, said Bale.
On Saturday, Real Madrid is going to welcome Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu in a meeting of the 12th round in La Liga.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Soccer predictions - 17.11.2015

Denmark vs. Sweden
Zlatan Ibrahimovic and company showed why they were set as favorites even before the first game. They led with 2:0, but at the last minute they let a goal and so the intrigue remained. But they remain favorites now. A draw would be totally fine with that. Our football prediction is X2.

Slovenia vs. Ukraine
The Ukrainians won the first game and are already with one leg are of Euro 2016. Now the Slovenes are faced to the wall and will be forced to risk much in an attempt to return the difference. However, they are not the better team, and this risk is likely to finish with the filled basket. Our soccer prediction is 2.

Bangladesh vs. Australia
Here the question is not whether Australia will win but with how many goals. The difference between the two teams is too large to comment it. The two teams met in September when Australia won with 5:0. In view of the fact that in the last match, Bangladesh lost with 5:0 and by far the weakest team of Tajikistan, our soccer forecast by soccer livescore is 2 with handicap -3 goals.

Ghana vs. Comoros
Ghana is one of the strongest teams on the continent. Proof of this is reaching the final of the last African Cup of Nations. They are very successful and their representations of the World Championships. In the team names of the big stars of the top European teams. Ghana is now confronting the team of Comoros. The guests have had no victory for more than five years. Normally, though most of you probably haven`t even heard of the existence of that country. Ghana should win by at least three goals ahead. Our football forecast by soccer livescore is 1 with handicap -2 goals.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sepp Blatter is in a hospital

Blatter was placed in a hospital, said his publicist.
Sholker confirmed the information of the Swiss radio that Sepp Blatter has suffered a `medical incident` last week and must be under medical control 10 days.
Blatter feels good and on Tuesday will be discharged from the hospital and will begin work.
`He had a minor upset, so he passed a medical examination and now conducts rehabilitation course. I contacted him this morning, he`s fine. Next Tuesday he will officially return, don`t worry.`, said Sholker.
According to the BBC, the reason for the placement of Sepp Blatter in the hospital is nervous breakdown.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ramos is mad at Sevilla fans

The defender of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, is angry of the fans of Sevilla about the boos at Sanchez Pishuan.
Ramos opened the score for `White ballet`, but the hosts came to the victory with 3:2.
`It is a shame the fans booed me in Seville. I`m from Real and Sevilla. I will say even one day to put in my grave flag of Real and Sevilla.`, Ramos is outraged. Years ago he passed in the Grand from the team of Sevilla.
The player declined to comment on the dispute, which had with the medical team, after he was forcibly changed more in 32 minutes. `Now is not the time to comment on medical topics.`, he said.
Asked about the upcoming El Classico, the defender said: `We have two weeks to work and we need to tell Real to be calm. The derby with Barcelona is unable to lead me all the way to orgasm, but almost close to that feeling.`, Ramos.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Crucial hours for Lionel Messi

The next hours are emerging as crucial for Barcelona star Lionel Messi. He will have to undergo a series of medical tests, after which it will become clear what his condition is.
According to the latest information, the 28-year-old footballer will not be able to take part in the upcoming El Classico, which was on November 21 at the"Santiago Bernabeu.
The information is not yet officially confirmed by the camp of Barcelona.
Certainly the sports-technical staff of Barcelona hopes to have Messi in the team for the big derby against Real Madrid.
On Thursday, when the results analyzed by soccer livescore will come out, there will be greater clarity on the state of the Barcelona star.